Telstra beats Optus

I was recently forced to use a Telstra battery powered WiFi router on a country trip because my trusty MiFi (on the Optus network) had a flat battery. Since I also had an iPhone with a much beloved Amaysim (also on the Optus network) SIM I decided to run a few parallel speed tests on the road. I was so impressed by the speed and coverage of Telstra’s mobile network that I am going to have to swallow my pride and purchase at least a pre-paid NextG SIM. The results – Optus .04Mbps, Telstra 6.87mBps:

Optus Berri .04 mbpsTelstra Berri 6.87 Mbps

This pair of results came from a drive to Renmark. I have similar pairs of results from Kingston, Berri and a few other locations on the main road. Since Mandy and I will be doing lots of travel in remote SA this year I will repeat the tests and share some more data.

Fang – Mike Seyfang



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