Mac OSX Utilities – Java Preferences (enable applet plug-in)

Part of the Java madness on OSX is the need to explicitly enable java applet plug-in and web start applications. This catches me out every time I need to visit the ATO business portal and login with my AusKey. It also catches me out on the odd web page from time to time and I usually waste time looking for plugins in various browsers.

Here is the trick (courtesy of the ATO): Java Preferences are in the Utilities folder (not system preferences, not each browser).

3. Once Java and the AUSkey software are installed please follow the below steps:
– Click ‘GO’ from the top menu (if you cannot see ‘GO’ you may need to minimize your programs and click on the desktop)
– Click ‘Utilities’
– Double Click ‘Java Preferences’
– Tick the ‘Enable applet plug-in and Web Start applications’ button (This is located in the General TAB)
– Close Java preferences and try to use your AUSkey

This fixes the error with the SAML Pre-Request in Safari on OSX:

System Error 

An error has occurred while detecting your system configuration or accessing the required software on your machine.

Please click Close.

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1 Response to Mac OSX Utilities – Java Preferences (enable applet plug-in)

  1. Mitra Ardron says:

    Unfortunately those options aren’t there in the current Java – which YET AGAIN is broken on the ATO’s website.

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