Chatterbox – my Model Planes

My second real radio controlled model plane – bought from a chap flying at Victoria Park in the city of Adelaide early 2011. A lovely balsa and tissue plane purchased for $25. Just needed ESC, Receiver and 2-3s battery to fly. Only has rudder and elevator (tiny ones at that). A real vintage gem.

Flew it once on Glenelg oval one calm morning and decided to put it away before I trashed it. Just love the hand-stitched hinges on elevator and rudder.


Decided I am going to fly it on the next calm morning – stay tuned for update.


This morning was calm and fly she did – what a joy to control something that actually flies through the air – as opposed to being dragged around by brute force and ignorance. Such a graceful, gentle craft – totally affected by any tiny gust of wind or rising air. First flight was a tad hairy because I had too much up elevator trim – she would oscillate quite badly in a series of very gentle stalls while turning or on descent. Threw in about 20 clicks of down trim and all good. See for yourself on the sneaky iPhone video I took with one hand, while flying with the other!


2s 10a esc, TURNIGY 2204-14T 19g Outrunner 1450Kv motor, 8×6 prop. (also flew i2th 8×4.3 a tad under-powered if a quick burst of upwardness is required).

Pre flightAfter my calm morning flight Untitled

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Fang – Mike Seyfang



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