Osiris – my Model Planes

After the ‘FMS open source ‘Flight Model Simulator’ I got the most ‘stick time’ flying EPP indoor models by Mike Schneider. The first was an ‘OSIRIS’ built just in time for my first appearance at ETSA park thursday night flying EASTER 2011. Designed to fly slowly with an 8×4 prop on 2S batteries, I found it would zoom around outdoors with an 8×6 on small 500MAH 3s batteries. And zoom around I did, morning after morning at glenelg oval, and anywhere else I could get outside on a calm day.


I literally flew this thing to death. It just plain collapsed from EPP/Tarzan’s grip repair fatigue.


OSIRIS copy:

This one is a ‘Mike Schneider’ special. Cut from EPP foam with a home-made laser cutter in his loungeroom. These shots are the closest thing to an ‘instruction manual’ you will find. Wish I had recorded Mike’s narrative while he assembled the bits on his lounge floor.

Untitled Untitled Untitled

The build for these EPP planes takes a couple of days and requires:

  • Tarzan’s grip (glue)
  • Some 1mm, 3mm carbon rod
  • A length of carbon strip 3-4mm wide for wing leading edge
  • Cut up old floppy disk mylar to make hinges that are glued in (Mike tells me that blenderm tape works much better, but I like the nostalgia and durability of the old floppy disks)
  • No 13 hose Oring to attach prop to motor (Prop saver)
  • Servos, Motor, prop, ESC, receiver, batteries (the orange list was hand written by Andy at my first appearance at Aberfoyle HUB indoor flying one Sunday morning (with input from Scott Gage, Mike Schneider and Bob Tait).


Creative Commons License

Fang – Mike Seyfang



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