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One day I was trying to fly my radian glider around the Holdfast Model Aero Club in circuits with the other power planes. A nice chap named Ashley gave me a test fly of his electric ‘Thunder Tiger Trainer’ which could automagically keep it’s wings level with the horizon (using a fancy sensor or three). I decided I would try to build something similar. I did, and the result was awesome – a sturdy, reliable trainer that has flown hundreds of times and has not had a single repair! I have replaced the 4260 AeroDrive motor which I needed for another model with a G60 and moved the elevator servo to the tail to get rid of the long pushrod.


60 Size Thunder Tiger Trainer:
I jumped on the HobbyKing website and ordered:

Then I started scouring the web for a ‘Thunder Tiger 60’ model – to no avail. So I started wandering around the local hobby shops and when I got to ‘Model Mania’ in Morphett Vale I found one that had just been bought in on consignment. $130 later I had my plane!

RX – 14ch Futaba that shipped with my 12FG TX.


Running on 6s with a 14×7 prop gives 1381 watts of power at a max of just under 60 amps.


# Note – Flight Thu Nov 17 2011.
# Note – Thunder Tiger Trainer with ICE100.
# Note – Various props tested:
# Note – 13×7 session a b
# Note – 14×7 session c d
# Note – 12×6 session e
# Note – 13×6.5 session f
# Note – Max: 58.3a 25.3v (1382Watt recorded]

Thunder Tiger zDSC_0331Untitled

Ashley's Thunder TigerAshley's Thunder Tiger
Ashley’s is the red one, mine is the blue one.

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Fang – Mike Seyfang



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