Verchaix – FangoParis

Fast train from Paris (Gare De Lyon) to Geneva with all our bags and Mandy’s bung ankle.

The (not too shabby) view view from home sweet home

VD 516 137 Octavia 4x4 SKODA

Pan o Rama

Spot the meringue

  • Train from Paris to Geneva (up to 500km/h backwards)
  • Hobble to EuropCar (arrived after close) to pickup rental
  • Efficient but scary drive city->motorway->mountains
  • Could have spent the rest of my life here (nearly did!)
  • Love at first sight (beer, parapente baptisme sign on tennis court)
  • Parapente baptisme
  • Friends arrive
  • Champagne, more (Pol Roger) Champagne, much celebration
  • Weather turns crap, return to scene of launch in fog
  • Cluses is the centre of the universe
  • Daytrip to some lake town and Charmonix (elusive poco loco hamburger)
  • Tad tricky returning the Scoda rental car
  • Swiss francs versus Euro


Feeling the urge to jump...

IMG_0013 Waving to Mandy on Balcony of chalet



Another birthday presie!

Lunch at home



Creative Commons License

Fang – Mike Seyfang



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