Arduino – the obsession begins

The storm clouds have been gathering for a while now. I read the book ‘MAKERS’ by Chris Anderson on a long plane flight. I decided that it is time I had a peek into the world of hardware hacking, 3D printers making etc. But what project would keep me sufficiently motivated to navigate this messy space?

A radio controlled glider that can see thermals and ‘sing’ (using telemetry data to conduct a symphony of sonic bliss).

I have scrounged around for a few old R/C components, including some FRSky telemetry, taught myself the basics of 3D modelling in Blender and even printed v1.0 version myself on a 3D printer. I have bent many ears of anyone who will listen about my crazy ‘singing glider’ and set myself a deadline of 1 year (from today) to have a basic version working. I may even document some of my learning journey and turn it into some form of ‘phd’. But last week a couple of chance meetings and an invite to a local ‘hackerspace’ event caused me to grab hold of an Arduino and start hacking. I get the feeling that a whole new obsession is about to begin.

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Fang – Mike Seyfang



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