Arduino – Listen (Sound MIC input)

Picked up a freetronics MIC Microphone Sound Input Module at Jacar the other day. Let’s see what it can do. The ‘Hello World’ app from freetronics website reads SPL levels and writes them to serial port. Seems the values are 0-1023.

There ya go Rick – that’s one way for your piece to react to the environment. If the ambient noise is low enough, we can tell when (noisy) people are nearby. That could shut the crickets up!
MICrophone SPL Input

Speaking of crickets, how are we gunna control playback of noises? For a quick start I thought I would use Processing to process sound files from my computer & communicate via serial. Here are my learnings on PROCESSING and sound playback.

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Fang – Mike Seyfang



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4 Responses to Arduino – Listen (Sound MIC input)

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  2. Rick Clise says:

    Very cool, Mr Fang!

  3. technotepad says:

    I made a arduino hack for a remote control to light control, could be a great project to build it together with your mic input, to make a speech controlled remote control with arduino 😉

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