Web pages slow to load OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard after change from Billion to Fritzbox ADSL2+ router

Browsers (safari and chrome) on old unpatched OSX 10.6 snow leopard are slow to begin loading some pages after changing from Billion to Fritzbox ADSL2+ router on my Internode connection.

Patching to the 10.6.8 combined update for OSX did the trick!

My guess is that it is IPv6 related. See below for a list of symptoms / things I tried that did *not* work:

  • DNS / Name resolution in general: access to sites like http://www.google.com (ie search) or code.google.com worked but sat on ‘contacting google.com’ for ages. Paste an IP address (obtained from ping) and access was immediate.
  • NSLookup from terminal was always fast – even for sites with multiple IP addresses like http://www.google.com and code.google.com
  • Changing TCP/IP advanced settings on OSX system preferences (manual IP addresses, hard coded DNS servers, excluding my router’s IP address from DNS server) made no difference. Neither did messing with proxy settings.
  • Changing from ‘ISP default’ to known good DNS servers on fritzbox admin console made no difference.
  • NameBench ran, took a long time and did not report anything useful
  • Changing back to Billion router made problems go away immediately, Switch back to fritzbox and they return.
  • Symptoms first appeared when booting of old external HDD image of OSX Snow Leopard that had not been patched for years. Rebooting to usual patched version was fine. First I suspected DHCP / IP Addressing issues.
  • After finding and applying the combined 10.6.8 OSX Snow Leopard patch the problem immediately went away.
  • I suspect that I could have worked around the issue by fiddling with IPv6 settings for Fritzbox / OSX but did not have time to do that.

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