WAMP – quick/dirty way to enable remote MySQL queries to Windows PC wordpress database tables

Having installed a bitnami Windows Apache MySQL PHP (WAMP) stack on my PC, I was surprised to find how tricky it was to enable remote access to the WordPress Database Tables from my mac. Turns out that MyPHPadmin is only accessible from localhost by default and rather fiddly to allow access (best thru SSH tunnel).

What I ended up doing* was enabling RemoteSQL access to my Windows ‘server’ from MySQLworkbench by:

  • Open Port 3306 (TCP) in Windows Firewall
  • Granting some privileges from a SQL console.
  • For browser access to the wordpress blog: Windows (8.1) Firewall Configuration: add rule “Open port 80” (TCP) to computers from my IP address range. [one of my WiFi networks is ‘private’ the other ‘public’ so I had to add rules for both public and private network profiles. [tested thanks to this excellent article on windows firewall logging].

*Notes taken out of my gDoc “MySQL Learnings”:

*best to keep phpmyadmin to local and use SSH tunnel
Not trivial to configre remote access and setup users *do this later
[ ] turn off windows firewall [until I figure out how to open port 3306
– Add new inbound rule: TCP, Port 3306, domain & private profiles
  1. Comment [mySQL config ini file] out bind-address =
  2. Grant user access
From the bitnami docs: [native installers section]
You can enable external connections for the MySQL database.
$ /installdir/mysql/bin/mysql -u root -p -e “grant all privileges on *.* to ‘root’@’%’ identified by ‘your_root_password’ with grant option”;
In recent versions, MySQL specifies the following option in the “/installdir/msyql/my.cnf” or “/installdir/mysql/my.ini” file:
bind-address =

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