iPhone 4s Personal Hotspot Amaysim (Optus)

My AMAYSIM sim card in my iPhone4s running iOS 6.0 has served me well for many years. Especially using the Personal Hotspot over WiFi while travelling. But recently it stopped working (To enable Personal Hotspot on this account, contact OPTUS error message):


and the network name at the top left of screen has changed from Amaysim to YES OPTUS. Dug around the FAQ and google to no avail – too many possible options and old information that is very confusing. Called 567 Amaysm support (2-4-5) and got thru in less than 10min. Turns out my personal hotspot had been disabled their end and was easily re-enabled. Within about 1 minute I got a txt message “Hi Mike, good news – tethering is now enabled on your amaysim mobile service. Happy surfing!”.

All good: personal hotspot (tethering) now works as expected in settings->Mobile Data->Personal Hotspot

Then the penny dropped – Tether ing is what they call personal hotspot. Things I could (should) have tried before calling:

    • Personal Hotspot: txt ‘Tether’ to 568 and wait for confirmation message that setup is complete. This fixes “To enable Personal Hotspot on this account, contact OPTUS” error while trying to setup Personal Hotspot in Settings->General->Personal Hotspot as per AMAYSIM documentation.

  • If that didnt work I could have logged on to amaysim.com.au and resolved via text chat.
  • The support person said that to fix the ‘YES OPTUS’ network name back to ‘Amaysim’ I would have to do a full sync with iTunes. Maybe later.

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5 Responses to iPhone 4s Personal Hotspot Amaysim (Optus)

  1. Meryn says:

    Thank you immensely. I had this problem as well and your blog helped me to resolve it in less than a minute by texting amaysim. Great work!

  2. Sarah says:

    thanks for helpful post

  3. Suzanne says:

    Thanks for your help. Got me sorted… 🙂

  4. Lili says:

    Thank you! thank you! thank you! : )

  5. Micheal says:

    I’ve just had this issue also, it was disabled when I went to 4g, thanks for your advise has stopped me googling and I just contacted them and all fixed

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