OSX Keyboard settings making GravityForms in Safari look bad…

Ever had a user of one of your GravityForms say they enter the form but no entries appear?

Before you dismiss their claim, check this out..

Careful checking of one such complaint revealed that the user was TABbing through a gravity form entering data then pressing RETURN. Looking closely I saw that the cursor was not tabbing from the last entered field to the next or the SUBMIT button but to another field elsewhere on the page. That field happened to be a SEARCH field, and pressing ENTER executed a search for nothing but did not send the POST data!!!

After much hair tearing, fecking with TABINDEX settings and some excellent support from the team at RocketGenius (Make sure you invest in the developer version of GravityForms – best hundred bucks I’ve spent in a while) I cornered the issue to Safari browsers on OSX [safari 5.1.10 on OSX 10.6.8 or later].  I went thru all the usual steps to isolate WordPress THEME / Addin conflicts, set the TABINDEX=”1000″ to crazy high values in the shortcode on the page that displays the form and tried this little gem

The form at xyz does have the tabindex attributes, the issue now is a tabindex conflict. Try increasing the tabindex on the form either on the shortcode or using the following: http://gravitywiz.com/fix-gravity-form-tabindex-conflicts/

Now with all other plugins disabled, my theme at twentytwelve I could see the tab indices in my simple test form (single text field, three choice textboxes) but could not TAB into the checkbox field items in Safari on OSX. Then I found THIS little gem:

Change “FUll Keyboard Access:In windows and dialogs, press Tab to move keyboard focus between:”
from Text boxes and lists only to All controls
it works!!

Forms TABindex Safari OSX - badness


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