Shooting better photos for the web (site)

Shooting better photos for website templates – notes from yesterday’s workshop.

  • Image Size: largest .jpg, closest to 16:9. On my old Nikon D80 this is 3872 x 2592 (closer to 6:4) Not RAW due to our post-processing limitations and workflow.
  • White Balance: Fluorescent (3) – look for off color (esp green) when shooting in fluoro lit labs.
  • ISO: keep the ISO aka ASA close to 100 to avoid grainy images on half frame camera.
  • TRIPOD: mandatory due to low light & ISO constraint above
  • LENS: in the smaller labs yer gunna need a wide angle lens. *paste some AA recommendations for the D80 and Canon D500 here.
  • LIGHTING: our next step is to buy and learn how to use a modest lighting rig.
  • SETUP TIME: take (and book / pre arrange) time to setup each shot
  • ZOOM IN, FOCUS: then half hold button, zoom out to frame shot. Esp. on eyes!
  • BREAK Rule of THIRDS: NO DEAD SPACE in middle of shots for the ultra wide and thin banners. Remember both Left and Right edges will get lost and shot needs to degrade gracefully.
  • ADMIN: pre prepared, have a list with all locations, peoples names, numbers etc. Double check you have each and every name, do the right thing with release forms, exposing shy people online and ethical concerns. If in doubt – DONT take the shot!


  • Top3 from each attendee.
  • Select best image that meet legal, ethical and doing the right thing constraints.
  • Crop to 16×9 (without throwing away any more pixels than necessary) – pick most interesting crop that will lend to further cropping for ultra wide banners on the site (ie no DEAD SPACE in the middle of a wide thin slice)
  • Adjust, tweak each one till it looks great for the site
  • METADATA: keep the name of the file from camera (at end of description). Make punchy title, name the lab and all people in shot. Include keywords to do with the science. (esp related to Research Themes / Challenges).

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Fang – Mike Seyfang



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