Freight trains of disruptive innovation

Ha – just stumbled upon this old (2012) DRAFT post. Guess I should add a ‘Government’ section!

An attempt to characterise that light at the end of the tunnel so I can jump out of it’s way. Just in time.


Is the Academic Publishing Industry on the Verge of Disruption?

  • my blog post on uofa work
  • melissa terris youtube
  • iTunesU predictions (2008
  • pop sign
  • publications lists & inst repository
  • early OACA study
  • my UofA research institute experiments SSA
  • discover Open Notebook
  • notice OA publishing
  • eTeachers
  • minilegends
  • eduauweb2
  • oldaily
  • Web2.0 infection at

Music (reverse the order)

  • my first record (daddy cool)
  • my first cool listen (electric funeral, ball bearing bird, hotrod lincoln)
  • am radio
  • reel to reel
  • cassettes
  • CD
  • 4 track recording
  • online .mp3
  • atoms/bits guitar picks
  • iTunes songs (not albums)
  • nTrack recording
  • my son’s career aspirations
  • spotify


Prior to 1995

  • unix
  • office automation
  • e/mail
  • modems & bulletin boards
  • tcp/ip and the internet nntp://
  • www
  • FOSS
  • linux (ashman sagems cubicle poster)
  • web2.0 (RWW)
  • linux compete
  • podcasts
  • blogs
  • my first blog post
  • my first podcast

Fang – Mike Seyfang


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