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Find it, use it, cite it.

The frontiers of human knowledge are constantly pushed forward by researchers who find related work published in peer reviewed journals, use that work to guide their own questions and experiments and cite it when publishing their findings. This whole process … Continue reading

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Awesome earth visualisation: wind flow and more…

How cool is this? // More at: Even more: Fang – Mike Seyfang

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OSX Keyboard settings making GravityForms in Safari look bad…

Ever had a user of one of your GravityForms say they enter the form but no entries appear? Before you dismiss their claim, check this out.. Careful checking of one such complaint revealed that the user was TABbing through a … Continue reading

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Frankensteining old Internode router for WiFi on Telstra BigPond

Wrong. In the end I had to set up two separate IP networks and get the Billion BiPAC 7404VGP to forward packets by setting up an ‘IP Alias‘. Set as DHCP relay agent. Not as elegant as a single IP network … Continue reading

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Google gMail, calendar and contacts broke when I changed iPhone

So, my wife updated her old iphone 3gs to a 4 and asked me to swap the sim card over & restore all her settings the night before she flew out for a business trip. Simple – right. Wrong! After … Continue reading

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Sex Sells

Sex Sells And apple have bottled the S-Factor yet again! Check the buzz around last nights announcements: Then stand back and look at the stuff of more substance in the other announcements from Apple: Apple, Motorola Launch ROKR Phone September … Continue reading

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Things you shouldnt try to stop with DRM

The photo below shows that the ‘stick’ approach to Digital Rights Management (DRM) cannot solve everything. My friend Andrew Delin needs to learn where to draw the line! My 2c Fang, Mike Seyfang. <img src=""&gt;

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Arse about face – Falling off the pod into the Blogosphere

I seem to have a knack for swimming upstream and looking at things the wrong way around. For example, blogging is only just making sense to me now that I am addicted to podcasting.  p.s. The links above will give … Continue reading

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What is a BLOG? (in 15 words)

You blog, other blogs link to your blog, you link back, and Google loves that. FifteenWordDefinition

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