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HowTo: save FaceBook comments to excel using PowerBI

Ever wanted to save a bunch of FaceBook comments? Looking for a better way to find old posts that get buried in the timeline? Turns out that Microsoft PowerBI desktop (free download) and Excel (with PowerQuery COM Add-in) can help. The Short … Continue reading

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Screen Language

I’ve been banging on about digital video re-mix (or mash-ups) being the future of language for nearly 7 years now. Last week I had the pleasure of attending the opening party for visionation – film maker Ron Furner’s new adventure. … Continue reading

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Free public WiFi and Toilets [wot Doc said]

I don’t usually like to quote other people’s blog posts, but if Doc feels the need to repeat himself then I feel obliged to repeat his repetition: I’ve had many fewer problems getting online over free Internet at cheap hotels … Continue reading

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Had Lunch with Ferris Bueller today

He said ‘Hi’ to UncleNick. (We should talk about the future, with all these connections to our past) UPDATE:Now that Nick has proven the power of web2.0 to Paul by correctly responding to this cryptic post, I will explain what’s … Continue reading

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Pix from a camera attached to a cat!

This would have to be about the second coolest thing I’ve seen all day – photos from a camera attached to a cat.  Heard about this on triplej while picking the kids up from school.  Swiped the link from DanMc’s … Continue reading

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Tesing my Disaster Recovery plan

Nothing to see here (unless you are a geek) move along.. I have redirected to a new server in order to test restore from my backups.  Hopefully even my oldest blog posts that point to audio, video and other … Continue reading

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ANZAC – I’ve been subverted

ANZAC – I’ve been subverted While I was taking a break and showing my support at the Hilton RSL club in Adelaide, Uncle Dave and Uncle Nick figured out a way to record the extraordinary every day lives podcast without … Continue reading

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Plinth blamed for attempted ageist culling

Our UK correspondent un-masks a thinly veiled plot in which the British Government attempts to address the over-crowding which plagues London.  It seems there is a deliberate plan to eliminate elderly gentlemen from the inner city populus. Quote angry scenes … Continue reading

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TOO GOOD to be indoors

The weather outside is just TOO BEAUTIFUL.  I’m loading up the iRiver with podcasts and about to step onto the deadly treadly for some quality myPLE learning time. Fang – Mike Seyfang

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Let me preface my remarks by declaring my bias – I want zune to succeed because: I used to work for Microsoft and know some dudes involved   I am proud to have played a small part in this product … Continue reading

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