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HowTo: save FaceBook comments to excel using PowerBI

Ever wanted to save a bunch of FaceBook comments? Looking for a better way to find old posts that get buried in the timeline? Turns out that Microsoft PowerBI desktop (free download) and Excel (with PowerQuery COM Add-in) can help. The Short … Continue reading

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Screen Language

I’ve been banging on about digital video re-mix (or mash-ups) being the future of language for nearly 7 years now. Last week I had the pleasure of attending the opening party for visionation – film maker Ron Furner’s new adventure. … Continue reading

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Free public WiFi and Toilets [wot Doc said]

I don’t usually like to quote other people’s blog posts, but if Doc feels the need to repeat himself then I feel obliged to repeat his repetition: I’ve had many fewer problems getting online over free Internet at cheap hotels … Continue reading

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Had Lunch with Ferris Bueller today

He said ‘Hi’ to UncleNick. (We should talk about the future, with all these connections to our past) UPDATE:Now that Nick has proven the power of web2.0 to Paul by correctly responding to this cryptic post, I will explain what’s … Continue reading

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Pix from a camera attached to a cat!

This would have to be about the second coolest thing I’ve seen all day – photos from a camera attached to a cat.  Heard about this on triplej while picking the kids up from school.  Swiped the link from DanMc’s … Continue reading

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Tesing my Disaster Recovery plan

Nothing to see here (unless you are a geek) move along.. I have redirected to a new server in order to test restore from my backups.  Hopefully even my oldest blog posts that point to audio, video and other … Continue reading

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ANZAC – I’ve been subverted

ANZAC – I’ve been subverted While I was taking a break and showing my support at the Hilton RSL club in Adelaide, Uncle Dave and Uncle Nick figured out a way to record the extraordinary every day lives podcast without … Continue reading

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