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Trends for the modern StoryTeller

A blog post by Dr Paul Willis entitled ‘Storytelling for Science‘ recently got my attention. Paul argues that current efforts to address a deficit of ‘science literacy’ by science communicators should shift to address ‘science equity’. As an ‘outsider science enthusiast’ who … Continue reading

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Video and the future of language

http://t.co/pbN02EOd A great example of how video can transcend language (discipline) boundaries. Must write something about video as future language with reference to my ‘can video remix give us a new language for trans-disciplinary science’ piece. Then discuss with Ron … Continue reading

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Communicating your Science

I do some paid work for the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Sciences at a university in my home town. Said Dean is keen to promote science in general and the work of scientists at the university in particular. … Continue reading

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