Repost: Old podcast from 2005

Here is a blast from the past. Just uttered the words “Post Linguistic & Sub Symbolic” language when talking about video remix. Turns out I first heard that back in 2005:

  • I’m wrestling with the concpets of language which underpin the ReMix culture that is thriving on the read/write web2.0. For LearnDog to be relevant, we need to figure some of this stuff out. This podcast is an attempt to do just that.

Download ldrpoc002-003-NewLanguage.mp3 (9032.3K)

  • Stephen Downes eLearning2.0 PodCast – ReMixed
  • While listening to this PodCast on my by bicycle near Glenelg beach my brain went into ‘overdrive’.
  • New Language
    • Post Linguistic and yet Sub Symbolic
    • Words – digital artefacts
  • WTC Guy – a Visual example
  • The ‘Words’ in this case are pictures – remixed to tell a story
  • NewYork times on ‘Pew Survey’
  • Article by Tom Zeller ‘The lives of Teenagers Now: Open Blogs, Not Locked Diaries’
    • Example of teenage kids speaking in this new language – remixing content, constructing online presence. A girl mourning the death of her stepfather, a boy trying to expose his faith-based music creations to the world.
  • TripleJ’s subversive response to a harsh interview
  • Listen to a remix of a harsh interview with a rock-star and a rather cathartic (and somewhat subversive) response – which is itself a remix! From TripleJ’s excellent podcasts.
  • Challenge for LearnDog
  • Help kids develop their ‘Voice’
  • Attract positive attention (recognition)
  • Maybe just a little subversive
  • Links


Mentions: “Free as in Freedom – not free Beer


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