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Nightmare on IBYS street

I had a dream. A fascinating, but somewhat disturbing dream. I blame Mark and Sivam. I was at the sacred place. That park in my suburb where there is no surveillance. The one where you have to dock your phone … Continue reading

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BLENDER – Notes as I learn…

An online scratchpad of things I want to remember while learning Blender. ToDo: Trace Sir Les (InkScape -> SVG -> Blender Curve [extrude & mesh]) UV Sir Les (Front, Back, Sides) Improve photoshop edge selection [curve tool trace smooth … Continue reading

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Trends for the modern StoryTeller

A blog post by Dr Paul Willis entitled ‘Storytelling for Science‘ recently got my attention. Paul argues that current efforts to address a deficit of ‘science literacy’ by science communicators should shift to address ‘science equity’. As an ‘outsider science enthusiast’ who … Continue reading

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Google form as iBooks author HTML widget: Simplified

Apple iBooks author is a tool for creating an publishing interactive multi-touch books for iPad. There are nine widget types for adding interactivity – Gallery, Media, Review, Keynote, Interactive Image, 3D, Scrolling Sidebar, Pop-Over and HTML. I’m interested in trying … Continue reading

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