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Time to De-Google (and De-Silo) a little more

At the risk of flogging the Google Reader is Dead horse, I do need to figure out what I am going to do with regards to keeping an eye on my favourite RSS feeds. It seems to me I have … Continue reading

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WOMADelaide 2013

Our family loves WOMAD and feel very lucky to live in Adelaide because we have all been going since the kids were little (Jamie spent his 23rd birthday at Womad on Saturday). But I gotta say, this year left us … Continue reading

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Mac OSX Utilities – Java Preferences (enable applet plug-in)

Part of the Java madness on OSX is the need to explicitly enable java applet plug-in and web start applications. This catches me out every time I need to visit the ATO business portal and login with my AusKey. It … Continue reading

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Google gMail, calendar and contacts broke when I changed iPhone

So, my wife updated her old iphone 3gs to a 4 and asked me to swap the sim card over & restore all her settings the night before she flew out for a business trip. Simple – right. Wrong! After … Continue reading

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Planet Talks at WOMADelaide 2013

Quick guide to the talks: ALL PLANET TALKS at: Stage 6 Speakers Corner SATURDAY 9 MARCH – FOOD SECURITY & SUSTAINABILITY TAKING CARE OF OUR OWN PATCH Midday – 1.00pm / Hosted by Robyn Williams Speakers: Simon Bryant, Ronni Kahn … Continue reading

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What happened to February?

I had always planned to dis-engage from the online world over the Christmas break. I did. But what happened to February? According to my calendar it is March already and I have not even thought about a blogging regime for … Continue reading

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