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Web pages slow to load OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard after change from Billion to Fritzbox ADSL2+ router

Browsers (safari and chrome) on old unpatched OSX 10.6 snow leopard are slow to begin loading some pages after changing from Billion to Fritzbox ADSL2+ router on my Internode connection. Patching to the 10.6.8 combined update for OSX did the trick! … Continue reading

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OSX Force empty Trash [terminal rm -R does the trick]

Could not empty trash on my Mac OSX 10.6.8 Snow Leopard. Kept getting the error:  The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -8003). No matter which keys I hit while empty trash (shift, ctl, option, … Continue reading

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Damn you FaceBook for stealing my attention

Haven’t blogged (or tweeted) in a while. Seems FaceBook has stolen my attention and that of those I care about. This time last year we were in Paris as part of our fantastic voyage to celebrate Mandy’s 50th. Thought I … Continue reading

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