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MyPLE – Personal Learning Environment – Clare

A couple of weeks back I had a day to kill in South Australia’s famous wine country – the Clare Valley.  So, I loaded up the iRiver with educational podcasts, hired a push-bike and took a leisurely ramble along the … Continue reading

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Adding gabbly chat to any web page

Just had an interesting idea that worked a treat! Phil, Andy and I just hooked up real-time (using MSN Messenger) and I invited them to join me in a realtime chat at this url:   Something really cool … Continue reading

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Google Analytics invite please

Can someone please send me an invite code for google analytics. (I need it as part of putting LearnDog into a coma) Tks.   Fang – Mike Seyfang – LearnDog

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Tagging Web2.0 Discussions –

I would like to propose the following technorati tag for anyone who wishes to discuss issues relating to ‘Web2.0’ in the context of eduauweb2 I will include an rss feed of this technorati ‘cluster’ in my ‘show and tell’ … Continue reading

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Tune into the NetSquared Conference (May30/31)

From this post over at LearnDog. If you care about using technology to change the world then make sure you find at least one way to participate in the NetSquared conference which happens on the last two days of May … Continue reading

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Thank you Telstra

I am planning to help a group called with some ‘remote conference’ activity in the last two days of this month. For years I have paid top dollar for Telstra BigPond Cable ‘Unlimited’ broadband internet access. I put up … Continue reading

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LearnDog contract finishes May31

Yesterday I was formally advised that my contract for LearnDog will expire next week. It is one of those ‘mixed blessing’, ‘learning experience’ things that I am still emotionally processing.   I will get back in a day or two … Continue reading

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Congratulations James Farmer Lets just hope James can avoid becoming too incorporated, staying subversive and never acting his age!! Congratulations James – clan Seyfang wishes ye all the best.p.s. My employment arrangements also changed today – more on that soon…

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Audio recording wisdom – from Doug Kaye Another must listen podcast from Doug Kaye (IT Conversations) himself.  Heaps of practical wisdom and experience for young audio recorders.   There is a powerpoint slide deck to go with this talk, but I can’t find it now!  In that … Continue reading

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Maybe pigs will fly!

Thanks to Gail from for her fantastic write-up on LearnDog and carefully crafted appeal for support.  I will talk more about the timing of this appeal over on the LearnDogPup blog in the next week or so.  Meanwhile, get … Continue reading

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