MyPLE – Personal Learning Environment – Clare

A couple of weeks back I had a day to kill in South Australia’s famous wine country – the Clare Valley.  So, I loaded up the iRiver with educational podcasts, hired a push-bike and took a leisurely ramble along the ‘reisling trail’.  It really was a profound learning experience – my PLE worked a treat!


Not only did I learn a ton of things about manual controls of my digital camera (hence all the arty farty shallow depth of field shots) but I learnt about machinima, second life as a learning environment, the use of factorials in permutations and more!
Let me explain!
The photo below shows where I was sitting as I listend to gday world discussing advanced uses of machinma (machine + cinema).  As well as the well known Red & Blue movies, there was discussion about a re-make of Mad Max II using ‘footage’ from characters using Halo II on Xbox – over Xbox live.  As I was onto my nth glass of red (where n is a large number), my imagination raced to the possibility for engaging and giving recognition to street kids with good gamer skills.  (I was actually in discussions with an organisation in Western Australia who were thinking along these lines).



Next we move to the location where I finally ‘grok’ the use of factorials for permutations – you know, the old ‘how many ways can three horses finish a race = 3x2x1’.  Not only did I understand the derivation but I could get my head around why there are 4x3x3x1 / 2×1 ways to arrange the letters in the word ‘KISS’.  I spent the next several days pondering how many ways to arrange the letters of that big old river in the USA – mississipi.  All thanks to the ‘behold the factorial’ episode of the mathgrad podcast.




I could go on, and on, and on but you get the picture.  For the rest of my photos of this (and other) PLE learning journeys check my flickr tag:

Mike Seyfang



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